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The school had its origin (01-03-1967) in “ O Burgo das Nacións” ( old pilgrims lodgings), in a suburb west of Santiago. The C.I.F.P. COMPOSTELA has a long and well consolidated experience in training students in Hotel trade, being the Restaurant area where it has been most successful.

It has been opened in 1967, as a Sindicate Hotel and Catering Tourism school of Santiago, being named IES Compostela at that time and nowadays its name is C.I.F.P. COMPOSTELA ( Integrated Centre of Vocational Formation). In 1971, the school moved to the Politechnics school for two years. In 1973 it moved again to its present location, being opened as a Hotel-school, but working as a school only.

We can say that it started its educational stage in the present-day location in 1973/74, being thought as a Hotel-school integrated in the National Tourist Hotel chain( Red de Paradores Nacionales) just for official visits.

In its previous stage, as well as Hotel and Restaurant studies, the school taught Secretarial and commercial studies at the same time, but nowadays, due to reconversion and students needs, we offer Hotel and Restaurant studies ( cooking-pastry , bakery and Restaurant services). Furthermore, we offer Graphic Arts(Imprinting and Printing studies)and those to help elderly people and childcare.

Along its existence, the school has depended on the following organizations:
1967-76 : Sindicate Organization
1976-78 : (AISS) Government Presidency
1978-1983: I.N.E.M. Labour Ministery
1983-1987: Science and Education Ministery
from 1988 it depends on the
Science and Education Consellería( Galician Government)

Along its history, we must remark that in the year 1970 the school was authorized to teach the First Grade of Vocational studies. In 1976 the school was officially accepted for the first and second grades of vocational studies, depending on the Politechnics school of Santiago, and in 1983 it was transferred to the Science and Education Ministery and from that time it was a part of the Official Vocational Schools Group . It belongs then to the Science and Education Ministry, until it was taken under the rule of the Xunta de Galicia( Galician government) by the Real Order of 18/12/1987, depending on the Education Consellería( Galician Government Ministery), as it was already mentioned above.It was later transformed in an integrated centre by the order 325 2003 (D.O.G.4th August 2003)

The school has had lots of students of all Spain and specially from the nearest regions as Asturias, Castilla-León, Cantabria, Basque Country and even from the Canary islands until these mentioned communities built new Catering schools themselves.

In 2006 we increase our educational offer, with a new building to host studies of Sociocultural and Community Services and Graphic Arts.

The CIFP Compostela belongs to the integrated schools net in Galicia. The net was certified on ISO 9001:2008 and it is subject to a work system based in processes which try the satisfaction of all the education community (students, families, teachers and staff) and guarantee the rights of all users, subject of audits( internal and external) and showing its career in the certificate obtained in July 2012.


CIFP Compostela is one of the most chosen schools by Galician students who come to Santiago to study and get a profesional training, a fact shown by the demands of school seats in the different cycles which we offer (up to 1100seats )in academic normal training and continuous training.

Along its career a huge number of students have been awarded in different contests and with a great professional and enterprise success which are the proof of a constant and strict work in vocational training.